Tuesday, October 23, 2007

BOKKE - Everyone Loves A Winner

With Jake White as coach of the year, a Springbok (Habana) voted player of the year, and the Boks voted team of the year, how does it make sense to break this team apart, and let go of our coach? Why not build on the legacy, because the rewards - a happy, unified nation - are such a worthwhile result? Will sanity prevail? I think it will. Because everyone loves a winner.

I remember when I went to watch Bafana Bafana play in the 2002 world cup in Seoul. They won the game I watched - against Lithuania or something, but not convincingly. They lucked out in at least one of their two goals. I remember the player mistakenly kicked the ball with his knee and it shot into the goal. Not long after that first round match, Bafana were out of the tournament. So I started to support Korea. They went all the way to the Quarter Finals, and I got a helluva lot more out of that team, than our boys.

Once again, the point is Bafana are really boring. I hardly know of the players and don't really feel I need to - because why bother. They never win anything.

Totally different story with the Boks. They're powerful, they're strong, they believe in themselves, and it inspires people. They look like champions because they are champions. The magic is there. Let's hold onto it.

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