Thursday, October 25, 2007

Antony Altbeker on Decency (BOOK EXCERPT)

"[Our] social climate..aggravates rather than ameliorates the tendency to violence." P 156, IT'S ABOUT VALUES, STUPID!

"Banal as it sounds, the key question is one of values." P157

"Goverment has long recognised that some of the values held by South Africans are among the many causes of crime."

People are to be made good through education. - Aristotle

"Primary school teachers who need reminding that they ought to be teaching children to read, are not, I would submit, full equipped to teach morality." P158
NVDL: This quote after Altbeker discusses a letter sent from deputy director-general of the Department of Education, dated August 14, 2006, reminding primary school teachers to teach reading to their students.

"Nor is our business community - recently rated as the mosty likely to pay bribes in African countries - akways offering object lessons in good behaviour." P159
NVDL: PicknPay seems to me to be (one of the few) exception(s) in this context; a very community, and integrity based company.

"[Morality is] learnt through the experience of the behaviour of people and institutions around us. One reason the if-you-teach-them-they'll-be-good school of behaviour modification has come to dominate policy [is thanks to SA's Marxist tendency and subservience to giving moral prescripts]...This is not [a] helpful [premise...]" P160

"Institutions that act rationally, that treat people fairly, that do what they say they'll do, and engage the world honestly, generate different social effects than those whose actions are arbitrary, whose officials are manifestly self-interested or dishonest, and which consistently fail to do their duty." P161

"...public institutions [must] express and reflect sound values."

"Creating a society based on the dignity of every individual is not just about building more houses, cleaning the streets more often or maing the Springbok rugby team more representative. It is also about behaving in a way that takes seriously the behavioural niceties [see Revisiting Manners], the courtesies [like manners] and conventions, that are sometimes assumed the way the Constitution frames public administration but which are often trampled on in practice.
Tautological it may be, but if we want people to behave more decently, we need to become a more decent society." P162

All quotes from A COUNTRY AT WAR WITH ITSELF, South Africa's Crisis of Crime, Chapter 9, It's About Values, Stupid!, P156-161, Jonathan Ball Publisher's, available at Pick'nPay for R100.

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