Thursday, October 25, 2007

9/11: Is this Video Footage For Real? (DEBATE)

CNN FAKE FOOTAGE BLASTED - Reveals WQ2RX SPY - Watch a funny movie here
NVDL: At the end of the day, the twin towers are gone. Why get bogged down with the analysis of how it happened? It happened; it's done. The important aspect I think for Americans to focus on is this:
Terrorists - mostly Saudi's and Yemeni's - hijacked plans and hit the USA. Why did they hate America so much?

The response was to invade Iraq. What would have been a more appropriate response? And doesn't [what America did, how they responded] say an awful lot about being completely disconnected to reality, wanting something for nothing, invading a country because it's on your list, not because of any evident connection. Even worse, that Americans consented to this was a signal to the world that the USA finds excuses (rationalising to its own citizens)for doing what it wants to do anyway.

Woe betide us when it no longer makes excuses, but goes into first strike, unilateral mode. Since it is the country with by far the most nuclear weapons, when its economy crashes, and the beaching whale starts to flunder, how do we expect America to save itself other than militarily?

Do we expect them to diminish? Do we expect them to retire? Of course not. The best response to the 9/11 incident, in my opinion - and I said it at the time - was to find out why terrorists hated them so much. You can't have a war on terrorism (can you have a war on poverty or AIDS, or prostitution) - it doesn't make sense. You can find ways to make people feel less alienated, you can tighten domestic security and surveillance, sure. And the way to do that isn't by going to war. Will human beings EVER learn this lesson?

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