Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Way I Are

What an awesome way to start the day. I mean, it's almost defiant the way these flocks of riders - The Cycling Tribe - gather in their shoals and then swim through the morning, safe as houses; their ruby and diamonds lights moving like a giant Christmas tree through suburbia. It's the 94.7 guys gearing up for the big show and tell in November.

The stats are getting interesting too:

Was a good route, mostly flat with one major (for me) uphill that charged my heartrate up to 166. Some lovely sections, although one downhill near the end was really steep and I nearly lost it heading into a tight and busy intersection. That's what you get riding a new route. Alex was saying: "Careful" but I thought he meant it in a general sense. Not!

(Naas voiceover): The way I are going, you know, I are going to be fit in not so long time.

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