Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Urgent Action Called For At Climate Summit

From CNN.com:

UNITED NATIONS (AP) -- With tales of rising seas and talk of human solidarity, world leaders at the first United Nations climate summit sought to put new urgency into global talks to reduce global-warming emissions.

President Bush, with Japanese envoy Yoshiro Mori, attends a dinner after skipping the day's sessions.

What's needed is "action, action, action," California's environmentalist governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, told the assembled presidents and premiers on Monday.

The Bush administration showed no sign, however, that it would reverse its stand against mandatory emission cuts endorsed by 175 other nations. Some expressed fears the White House, with its own forum later this week, would launch talks rivaling the U.N. climate treaty negotiations.

President Bush didn't take part in the day's sessions, which drew more than 80 national leaders, but attended a small dinner Monday evening, a gathering of key climate players hosted by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

Ban set the day's theme in his opening address, declaring that "the time for doubt has passed" on the issue of global warming.

NVDL: To still have discussions on the 'ifs' of global warming has become ludicrous. "Do you think this is caused by global warming?"
When we see weather anomalies now like droughts and floods, the cause is almost certainly global warming/climate change. Indeed, we should be asking: how can we plan, what can we do now, not only to adapt to increase temperatures and changing patterns, but how do we see our sells maintaining our current lifestyles over the short term.

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