Friday, September 28, 2007

SA's Crime Question(s) - SOLVED!

Why does South Africa have such a high crime rate? Why are more people murdered and raped in South Africa per capita than anywhere else on the planet? Because the people in charge of crime - like the police commisioner - are also criminals. It stands to reason that the land of milk and honey for criminals is a land where those who prosecute and arrest are fellow criminals. That wasn't such a long walk in the park was it?

And since crime is such a profitable business (the insurance companies have to agree), why do anything about it?

Well, for one because the majority of people (called voters) are the main victims of crime. Another reason to perhaps start to think about looking at murder investigations - you know where someone is found dead, with a knife in their back and then you try to find out who did it and make sure they go to jail - is that, well, this country is hosting the world's biggest international sports festival. Yes, you may have heard of it: it's called the Soccer World Cup.

A lot of businesses, see, want to profit from this. And government could do well too. So there's this idea that if we do something - something real that is is, beyond fudging statistics - some people stand to make lots more money. It's a tough one I know. The easy money from ATM heists, the constant streams from petty crime, or the jackpot from luring overseas business. The one is easy money, the other - tourism - is even easier. I know, it's a tough call.

But going after crooks is a good start. And starting at the top probably makes more sense than starting at the bottom, with the symptoms of corruption in this country.

For those on the ground, here's a useful tip for combatting crime in your area. If you see beggars, layabouts, drifters etc roaming around, don't reward their presence by giving them money or food. When you do, they will stick around for more handouts, and scobe out the neighborhood while you're at it. If you care about the poor, set up a safety house somewhere and have people put money and effort into soup kitchens, that sort of stuff, in designated areas.

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