Monday, September 17, 2007


Above image on Jeju Island after my 1st Ironman Attempt in 2003

Last night I left my car parked outside, with the camera plain as nuts sitting on the front passenger seat. Now there's a simple random experiment to gauge 'Crime In Your Suburb'. I heard a loud thump sound during the night, so as I approached my car I was expecting...something.

But no damage, no attempted entry. Sweet.

On the way to work, near the top of Glenhove I noticed that steam was wafting out from under the hood. Eeek! Sure enoughtthe temperature gauge was approaching VOLCANIC.

Fortunately 100 metres from the intersection was a Caltex garage. I pulled in there, popped the hood and filled up the bubbling radiator. Not quite sure why the car is overheating? More frequent use of the air-con, the last few weeks being warmer? I have noticed a burning smell ever since I took the car in to replace the Cam Belt.

Will have to keep a sharp eye open.

Gonna watch Footskating 101 tonight, do a short run in gym and then cycle tomorrow at 5am. Feeling very motivated to get back to hardcore training again.

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