Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Oil now $81-a-barrel

Earlier this morning I was contemplating this question: through which medium (or channel) does news travel the fastest. I've been inclined to think it's radio. After all, the speed of sound can be trasmitted and re-transmitted with a minimum of infrastructure and bandwidth (and total energy costs). Sure the speed of light is quick, but it also takes time to set up images + voiceovers, and in terms of the internet, it takes a while to set up a search and then to read. Thus radio comes up trumps. Makes sense then to add top news stories in an audio stream on especially NEWSY sites, doesn't it?

It's probably a close race though, but it's staggering that this news, which is of vital importance to the planet, is 2 hours old. Earlier this morning we all stood around the big screen TV in breathless anticipation of a McCann revelation. Now that's news!

Meanwhile from the Belfast Telegraph (of all places - not CNN):

Oil prices have hit a new high in New York overnight due to concerns that rising demand during the winter could squeeze supplies. The price has hit $81-a-barrel and experts are predicting that it could rise even further to $85 or $90 before the end of the year. The surge comes despite OPEC's promise to pump an extra 500,000 barrels per day from November.

NVDL: Notice the converging catastrophes...expensive food, expensive fuel, credit crunch (that no one is taking seriously), shit kicking weather, fires floods and all the rest. We need to take a breather and get back to Nature, and what we're really supposed to be doing with our time and our lives.

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