Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Look

This is the 3rd (and hopefully last) name change for this blog.
It originally came into being in October 2004 as:
  • 3 x luck (3rd Time Lucky)
In March 2005 it changed to its longtime title:
  • The Road to a Home, a thinly veiled environmental activism site.

The idea with NVDL is to go in the 'brand me' (brand new me?) direction. The idea is to link the 'me brand' with other issues that individuals, groups and communities ought to pay attention to for affirmative living (as in living a life affirming life).

Interestingly, NVDL also stands for Namespace-based Validation Dispatching Language.
NVDL allows for interaction and validation between various XML schema languages.
The metaphor is that NVDL is a universal construct, a universal language, an agent provocateur -like Kunstler - of sorts that wakes the collective from its collective delusions.

If you approve, leave a comment!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Nick! The new name is certainly in keeping with the diverse topics discussed on
your blog.

Nick said...

Thanks D. I thought you were kidding when I spoke to you on the phone. Will explain when I chat to you again.