Thursday, September 20, 2007

The L Word

L is is for logic, but it's a word a lot of people don't like. I wonder why? Logic is the light that brings liberation to what would otherwise be blind dogmatism. Logic is deterministic*, but it does ask us to yield the will to what is real in our lives. Obviously we can choose not to that. Logic is what releases resources that are otherwise trapped in corrupt minds and corrupt mindsets. Logic is sorely missing today. It's what the world lacks.

The reason I think logic gets a bad rap is because its supposed to be clinical and rational. There's something inevitable about it. Logic is supposed to not be sensitive or intuitive. In fact, logic is both. Much of what we intuit must be based on logical assumptions, like this one: the best predictor of future behaviour is the past. Choice is a huge factor here, because despite the logic (which also seems incontrovertible), we can change, we can plot a different cause. Whether you smoke, or drink, are a pathological liar or simply want to re-invent yourself, your business, your marriage, your day, even your mood at a moment in time.

Use logic to effectively solve simple problems, like weight loss. Using a purely logical approach, to lose weight simply use up more calories than you consume. Eat less, or exercise more, or both. Simple. More complex problems require logic, but many other approaches too, including research, planning, preparation, intuition, anticipation etc.

Early Bird

During this morning's cycle I remarked to Alex that when you get up in the morning, it's grim: it's still 4-something-a.m., and it's cold and dark. It's a lonely time. It doesn't make sense to be getting out of bed. You might say it's not logical. And then you're on your bike, too tired to worry about the next uphill, but gradually, at turns, being illuminated from within. Red and diamond sparks blink through the darkness as cyclists drift and swarm softly around you. The inky blackness softens as the light of the dawn swims over the world. This is an incredible beautiful light, the morning light. It is cool and heavenly, it touches the world and its suburbs with something that feels like love. Did the dark morning hold any hope of this beautiful revelation? No. It never does.

So one thing logic does not govern is hope.

And that's the way every morning starts. Once the sheer light of the sun meets you in the eye, it is gone. The softness slips away. The shadows emerge, and the heat builds up. Logic is the light, and sometimes it is a heavenly light; sometimes it reveals only shadows to the beholder. I would suggest living like this, as far as we can: combine logic with a positive sense of hope and anticipation. In the end, it depends on you. You will have to choose the mix that works best for your life.
Last night:

Run - 20min
Kcal: 236
Weight: 85.25kg

This morning:

Cycle**: 1:31
Kcal: 1360
Distance: 33km (3 big climbs)
Ascent: 490m
Temperature: 10 min/21 max

*determinism - (philosophy) a philosophical theory holding that all events are inevitable consequences of antecedent sufficient causes; often understood as denying the possibility of free will
**Computer electrocuted itself this morning, thus not able to provide a graphic of this morning's ride.

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