Thursday, September 27, 2007

Did You know?

From eighty20:
Men Talking the Talk

The average monthly cellphone bill is about R178 for men, almost 46% higher than that of women.

Total population of South Africa

The total population of South Africa at September 2004 was 46.5 million (up from 44.8 million in 2001). 36.8 million are black, 4.4 million white, 4.12 million coloured and 1.2 million Indian/Asian

She's all that

There is no statistically significant difference in happiness between single men and single women, but married women are statistically happier than married men. (Source: The Eighty20 Spring Happiness Checkup)

A woman needs a (jobless) man like a fish needs a bicycle

50% of women in South Africa with babies under the age of 2 are single (never married and not living together) (AMPS 2006 RA)

Today, tomorrow, together

2006 was the first year where there were more South African adults with a bank account than without. (Finscope 2006)

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