Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Cycling: Best Training & Racing Mantras

You snooze you lose

Each morning you lie in you miss out on life my man. It's another day of laziness and underachieving. You think it's worth it? And when race day comes, another mediocre performance. So when that alarm goes off, don't think, don't negotiate, JUST GET UP AND GO. Once you're on the road you'll be happy to be where you are.

Real life after all is about the wind moving over your skin, being in the company of other guys (on or off their bikes), moving through the world, watching the sun come up. What we do at work tends to be hamster-on-a-treadmill stuff. So make sure you get the all important real life fixes - like face to face conversation and exercise.

If you go, we go

While it doesn't take a drammatic 'BACKDRAFT' moment to make this sort of commitment, this is a useful mantra to get yourself training. But in the end you shouldn't be out there just to keep your mates happy. The locus should be an internal sense of: I want this because it's good for me. It is.

Now once you're strong and racing (from all those early morning commitments) and you're in a bunch with someone who is doing random breaks, pull up alongside and issue this stern warning:
If you go, we go.
You can also use it with teammates. Just make sure when you use it you'll be able to follow through.

With preparation comes confidence

Enough said.

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