Friday, September 28, 2007

The 3 Laws of the Internet

1. Do Not Be The First

Because of the pace of innovation, and the cost to originate, you either have to have incredible momentum, or a failsafe patent. Even so, software duplication saves an incredible amount of overhead and thinkTime. Think of Netscape Navigator and orginal search engines like Yahoo.

2. Do Not Be the Last

Operating Systems like Linux have come to the party a little too late. What came after the Apple iPod? Can you name the most recent MP3 player. The last is like Rambo 5 - probably not worth your time.

3. Do Not Volunteer

Maintain your privacy. Volunteering information on the internet, especially private information is risky. You may think participating in online surveys is harmless, but entire databases consisting of profiles are being setup by marketing companies. When you fill in a survey you volunteer plenty of information that's unique to you - identifiable through the unique code your computer uses every time you're connecting to the internet. Be equally careful emailling bank or credit card information.

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