Friday, August 31, 2007

Wed/Thur/Fri Training

I've really gotten into the swing of things, and I have to say, it feels like the more I train the more disgusted I am by my lack of fitness. I've published a story on Reporter today titled Eat Junk And Die. That's how I feel, just sick and tired of living counterproductively.

I think in order to live healthier it helps to have people around you who do the same. Share their habits. So Alex has been a big help, and joining the gym has been awesome, especially since there is a Kauai there, and so I can hit two birds with one stone: on my way home I can pop in to gym, train, and have a healthy dinner. So when I get home I can just relax.

Have no idea what I am doing this weekend. Last week I sms-d a bunch of people to organise stuff, but the week has flown by. Think I am going to recharge and exercise. Not sure if I really feel like being particularly social. Do feel like a movie though, and eating out somewhere. Will see.

Swim - 45:36
Weight - 86.5kg

Run - 37:00
Swim - 20:00
Weight - 85.3kg

5am Cycle - 1:36
Distance 42.3km

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