Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Owen Wilson recently made a suicide attempt. The word I would use to describe him is irrepressible. He seems like the last person who would be feeling blue.

I think people who suffer from depression have unstable moods. This means just as happy/enthused as they may be, there's a flip side to all that. That's scary when it comes to personalities like Jim Carrey, Robin Williams, Leon Schuster etc.

It also goes to show the Afrikaans saying is true: van lekker lag kom lekker huil/From laughter comes tears.

And it does imply a certain kind of discipline. To endeavour to stabilise our emotions - both the positive and the negative.

Have fun, enjoy yourself, but don't lose the plot, because life will balance you out. Seems like at the end of things is a peaceful harmony that is the whole - it is the sum of all things, neither good nor bad, no color in particular except all colours, the white light that is the full spectrum, the rainbow of the universe in a single blue white beam.

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