Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Read my Tomb Raider interview with Allison Carrol here.

Saw a guy at gym last night do 11 pullups. Looked really strong. I did 10. Did a good hard run, starting at 8km/h and building at .5km/h increments every minute until I got to 14.5km/h (in the 15th minute). Boy, did that get the engine going.

I also did core and upper body, wanted to swim but then decided I’d leave that for today. It’s still cold in Bloem, today will be 15 C.

Had the best sleep in yonks, which goes to show, if I had gone to a pharmacy I would have treated the symptom (constipation), not the source (entropy, lack of exercise, weight gain). Speaking of which, I weighed myself: 87.3kg. Think it is a new record, though paradoxically, I think a larger proportion of that is muscle. Weird.

Actually a heck of a lot of weird stuff is happening, most of which I dare not mention. I think my chapter 12 (posted below) reflects that. It was a difficult chapter to write; not sure if it works.

Must remember Fransa’s birthday on the 6th.

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