Monday, July 02, 2007

Which Cartoon Character Are you?

The cold is sickening. The fireplace/stove gave up its last orange blip of heat, then crumbled to soft cool ash, allowing the house to slowly freeze its occupant under a thin layer of frost. It's felt like being in an icebox over the weekend, as the entire northern elevation of the house is glass, and the ceiling to floor glass doors often have to be opened so that one or a number of doggies can do outdoor reconnoitering. It's so icy cold that one is inclined to be glued to a couch or a bed for large chunks of time, effectively sitting out the cold.

So I spent a large portion of sunday watching Diana's tribute concert. Something happened at the end, perhaps the digital media jammed or got stuck. Was heartwarming though to see Nelson Mandela offer a final comment, something along the lines of: Diana is missed, the impact she made is missed, there is no one like her reaching out to children (and the poor) as she did. Which begs the question, who is our modern princess? Who is the most photographed female, hunted like she was by the pararazzi. The answer is quite horrifying: Paris Hilton. We look to her for our worldly inspiration.

The rest of the weekend was no less bizarre, starting at Mystic Boer, but not ending there. I feel like I am living in a box (a cardboard box), and at least Johannesburg offers the chance to encounter a broader crossection of humanity, and plenty of refreshing views (instead of the same cardboard dreariness). At the very least the opportunity is there to encounter new people. That way I can get away from this recycling soapie:

...people used to gossip alot about me- there was so much professional jealousy that it was almost unbearable...

Today will have a maximum of just 11 degrees. Daffy Duck in a small pond, getting smaller as the ice sheet closes in. Countdown to wing flaps, and flying away huh Daffy?

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