Thursday, July 12, 2007

Near Miss

Coming up Waverley Road after gym (squash) last night, I missed a dog by a whisker. I didn't even have time to break as its body flashed in front of my headlights. A moment earlier I saw another mutt trotting along the pavement. Any closer and the bumper would have crushed the car's pelvis. Fortunately I was travelling at an unsually modest 60km/h.

Squash was good, fun. Beat J 3-1, but she put up a spirited fight against my Ivanisivic serving. Saw some work colleagues coming out of bowling while we had a cooldrink.

Good news is Fransa got asked to provide a quote for 100 people. Hope she gets that.

Meanwhile Alex is in London and I am supposed to go up to Jburg to inspect possible abodes. Not sure if I am really looking forward to that though.

A few minutes ago I went out the building with a few colleagues to see an accident. A car hit another car and the second car landed on its roof. Took photos with my camera, will load them on and here tomorrow. No one was seriously injured, so I wasn't being a vulture.

Was biting into a sandwich when Paula Brown Stafford wandered by my cubicle. Just the global President of everything.

Robbie Hunter finished second in yesterday's stage. Quite amusing to see him shake and spit in utter frustration after he crossed the line. Not often you see sportspeople that emotional, but it shows he is really committed and determined. Hopefully he'll pull off a win at some stage.

Been getting a series of rejection emails from various writer's agents, but am continuing regardless. Human and Rousseau have asked for the full manuscript, so once done, will send to them.

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