Monday, July 23, 2007

Love Bug

There's a scene in the movie Eternal Sunshine fo the Spotless mind where Jim Carrey spots a flash of blue hair (Kate Winslet). He says self deprecatingly: "Why is it whenever I see a beautiful girl I fall in love?"
Well, you can't blame him when it comes to winsome Winslet in this flick. She's passionate, homey, boisterous, wild, sentimental, interesting...

I fell in love in the same way...was I supposed to take the cue (clue) and run with it. She said she was going to Mystic ("I'm always at Mystic, tonight is going to be such a jol"), I made a few calls to get a cover so I could maybe go too, then gave up and crawled back into my cave.

Nice braai today. Cooked it up very quickly, plus salad, still warm buns. Yummm. Disagreed with Barry Ronge's endorsement of Transformers (see below). Hey, it;s enjoyable, it's just subversive garbage we feed ourselves. The Sunday Times had an interesting column on torture-porn. Movies like Hostel, Saw etc. You've got to wonder where else the world can go except on HOLIDAY when we're entertaining ourselves by watching the mutilation of our fellows. It's a sinister place we've reached, can our species get any sicker?

Speaking of which, I have been waging a war against the encroaching boep. Did some marathon gym sessions these last few days. Today I went through 2 squash partners (a third didn't pitch), swam, did 10 pullups, ran, ran again. I am so thirsty now.

Last week of work tomorrow before bright lights, big city. Not quite ready to go: YAY just yet.

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