Monday, July 30, 2007

Jumbled up in Jozi

Despite living about 7km from work - no less than when I was in Bloem - I got snagged in traffic and took half an hour to get into work.

It's an interesting contrast to Q. I mean, one can compare on a lot of levels. At Q for example I think it took a week to get a PC. Mine was ready, loaded with username etc from the word go.

Last night appeared MAYHEM-ish. For starters my landlady appeared very flustered, saying she couldn't really let me in since she hadn't been able to contact the tenant and he still had 2 days 'legally' to occupy the pad.
My car was bulging behind us with FREIGHT that included:

a bicycle
pots and pans
two tables
sleeping bag

and not:
pot plants

did I mention I didn't pack a bed?

So we went into the loft and she showed me that actually all the cupboards and drawers were still full of X's possessions. She quite reasonably explained that if I moved in (in his absence) I could very well nick his stuff, or him moving out, he could nick mine. But it was all moot since she'd not heard from him in over 4 weeks.

Then the jackpot. I snuffled through some papers on the kitchen counter and voila; produced a fax page with his email, office and cell numbers.
She called him (in absentio) and then came back breathlessly to say they'd made contact, and he graciously allowed me to move in.

That basically meant plopping my life into a corner of the room, and sleeping in his bed.

Until 02:34 - I remember the time exactly because that's what it read...2,3,4.
A truck parked outside my window and some guys started hoisting an arm up to the power/phone lines. Then my heater turned itself off, and soon after that the doorbell went. Since it was almost 3am and my home was turning into 'The Fridge', I didn't get up.

Had a hellish sleep after that (as in, 'when hell freezes over), and was awake before my cellphone erupted.
Brrr...the air was so cold it was like cold licks on cheeks, feedpags, upper legs...
The warm shower helped.

I've been fairly busy today and the work is already quite interesting. You have to have your nose in the news, and it occurs to me that the last thing I was doing last night was browsing through the Sunday Times. I expect I'm in the right place, at the right TIMES.

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