Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Still have not resolved accomodation in Johannesburg. I'll probably end up in a hovel!

Received a package (rolled up newspapers) from my aunt, but when I called they were like: "It's a bit late. This one went in the first hour."

Meanwhile I read in the Rosebank Chronicles (or something) that insurance people and criminals work together. Think about it, it makes sense. When a new car is insured, the details are provided to criminals (including home address). When the car is stolen, the insurers get new business...it may not be as simple as that, since insurance companies do better the fewer claims are made against them, but it may nevertheless be happening via INDIVIDUALS within these companies.

Robert Hunter came 4th yesterday in the Dunquerque stage (Dunkirk?). Not bad, 4th in the world essentialls, and he swore as he crossed the line. Maybe he could have done better. Today's stage is the longest: 237km.

J unfortunately cancelled squash last night. Was looking forward to it. F is in Odendaalsrus, where she grew up.

Oh the actual issues...will have to get back to those as I have work to do...

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