Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Lasy night I was leading a squash game 8-0 and then lost 8-10. Scraped through the last game 9-5, which was my first victory against Lee (Chinese dude) in about 20 games.

It's been an oddly exciting week so far. I feel a lot like Vino. Up and running, down and out, then back on the high road. Seems like people get a bit of urgency when you're leaving. You can invite people for weeks ad nauseum but say you;re leaving and there's suddenly a queue or signatures. Why is that? Maybe a fascination with the idea of Exiting a Comfort Zone? Jealousy? Morbid Fascination?

Today I sent Holiday off to Human & Rousseau. See what happens there.
Had a nice chat with Elzanne at News Cafe. Think I'm attracted (in theory) to innocence and the idea of youth and vigor.

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