Friday, July 06, 2007

before XXX

Been a difficult day to get into a workflow today. Started off with a staff meeting. 'Turnover of staff is a huge problem.'
Nevertheless I enjoyed working here immensely, especially the first quarter. And if I had oodles of time, think things would have turned a corner. Coffee milk etc costs the company R500 a day, and I can't stand coffee. Gives you terrible breath. The end of mo0nth braai costs the company R80 000!

Fa Fa and I are friends on facebook, as well as...these pictures posted recently. Quite breathtaking eh. Think they were shot in Malaysia...beeen there!

So when is your first day in JHB? I think it's the best decision you could have made! I lived here for 2 years before XXX asked me to go back to Bloem... And then, once back in Bloem, I just could not adjust again to the narrow-minded thinking in the FS! You'll love the variety of everything here- people, places to go, things to see... I think it's a little NY :-)) Once you're an old ballie with a little rugby team you can move back to the platteland!

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