Friday, July 06, 2007

Ball Is Rolling

I've just been asked to send 50 pages of my book, The Holiday, by Toby Eady (in the UK). Fingers crossed. At the same time, somewhere in Norwood, Johannesburg, Janet is having a look at what may turn out to be my future abode.

Last night I watched the SA 2007 Ironman on ESPN. Was shocking to see Raynard overtaken in the final stretch (again) and that he was so exhausted by the effort of trying to win. Tissink has always seemed infallible, uncatchable, even superhuman. Was an interesting experience watching the Ironman from the comfort of a living room. Must say I still find it something that gets my blood pumping. 2008 maybe?

Been very busy this week.

Meanwhile here's a thought: when it comes to predicting the End of the World, you only have to be right once.

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