Thursday, June 28, 2007


Last night at gym the lights went out. Emergency lighting remained on, but the place was still pretty dim. Most of us kept gyming until 10 minutes later we were asked to leave. On our way out, the lights came on again, and we started off again -quite funny.

Managed to do 10 pullups which surprised me as I thought I'd deteriorated a lot physically over the past few days. Also did various core and upper body. Oh and saw Peter Kleovulu there. He says he's doing property development*.

Woke up again at just before 6am with backache - Lord knows how sleepy I was at around 6pm yesterday (but went to gym anyway). So now I am considering going to a doctor.

*Right now Virgin Active's squash courts are under construction. There seems to be a terrific deman for these courts. Since Northridge has so much unoccupied space, why not install a squash squart round the corner from the bicycle shop. Just one, and maybe it just gets utilised in the peak hours, but potentially it could be developed into a sport zone (Squash, ping pong, badminton, trampolining, associated merchandising for sale alongside). Just an idea.

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