Thursday, June 14, 2007

This ought to be a particularly distasteful, even disturbing image for a few reasons:

1) It shows caricatures basically holding up (and I use those words in the metaphorical sense as well) their buddy (in Minnie's case, someone closer) up to the light, for others to observe. It's a despicable thing that has been done, it is basically the celebration, the focussed observation of the victimising of one of your own in the name of some or other Pretext, and that Pretext is to serve the agenda of whoever is holding it up. But this is not something to be idolised or rendered as holy, but flocks of foolish sheep insist on doing so in every generation.

2). The use of (innocent) children's characters to depict death and suffering (whether by crucifixion or death-by-mousetrap) is extremely vulgar.

3). Worst of all is the image of Mickey who looks like he really wanted to be there, like it was part of someone's Divine Plan. Perhaps Post Hoc, with some clever editing and polishing.

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