Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Had lunch with dad and he says more springbuck are dying on his farm. Apparently they are being preyed on by wild jackal, and now as many of 5 pr 6 (of the original 10) have been killed.

We're not sure how exactly, but suspect that the wily jackals have learnt a few tricks, among them how to herd these wild-ish animals unused to fences (in a new wilderness environment) into fences, and then caught off guard, to pounce on them.

It's impressive that the wild which we believe to be so tame, is still so simultaneously cruel and vulnerable (on our doorstep).

Since my dad is busy with environmental altruism, the last thing he intends to do is go on a jackal killing spree. He says he feels very bad about transplating these animals from an evidently safe environment (with a view to retiring them in safety and serenity on our farm), but instead has lined them up for almost certain slaughter.

So what to do?
We have an old otter cage which might be usefully employed to snare (as in catch, without inflicting bodily injury)the errant jackals. Problem is, these are very clever animals, and it;s likely you'll catch the first one or two, but not their even wilier cousins.

I hope either the remaining springbuck do a thorough reconnoiter and come up with a game plan of the fencing-river setup of their veld setup, develop a few alternate escape plans, or else, the jackals can be apprehended before the last springbokkie is served up as jackal meat.

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