Thursday, June 14, 2007

Silly Nana

Today I missed not one but two meetings based on a correction I made (deleting a time) on my calendar. It's a dumb mistake. I think I was verifying a time, and then changed it but based on a different meeting running over three different dates, but two different times. Also not sure why I got no automatic notification, can't find any email with the relevant details. Even so, I'm miffed that I made the mistake in the first place. I think my alertness levels aren't helped by typing out chapters (see below) at midnight. I end up being in front of the computer ALL DAY and at night too, with this result: the goose degrades and deteriorates.

Both were training meetings, and obviously I can do what was done in today's Decision Making Meeting in September, and I can easily get up to date on the other one (just a half hour session). But it feels like a wasted day. Hate it when that happens.

Nothing like the Now, obviously, so I sort've made back time by preparing for next weeks Presentation Workshop. That was fun and at least that's done.

Going to a corporate soccer practise tonight after work. Hopefully that will REFRESH all that needs to be refreshed. Early to bed for me tonight.

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