Friday, June 22, 2007

Senate passes pro-renewables energy bill

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This is a big deal, it's the front page headline on the New York Times:

By H. JOSEF HEBERT and KEN THOMAS, Associated Press Writers 35 minutes ago
WASHINGTON - The Senate passed an energy bill late Thursday that includes an increase in automobile fuel economy, new laws against energy price-gouging and a requirement for huge increases in the production of ethanol.

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Meanwhile in South Africa the Bothaville plants have been frozen. Possibly a blessing in disguise as ethanol isn't an alternative in the sense that you can't run the world's highway systems (the way they are being run) on any alternative or combination of alternatives that we presently have at our disposal.

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I also saw an absurd article saying that Boeing will sell something like 500 aircraft by 2020. Not going to happen. Airlines will be bankrupt by the end of this decade at the soonest, and by the next decade at the latest.

The 737 is the most successful commercial airplane family in history, with more than 7,000 orders. Boeing has more than 1,500 unfilled orders for the Next Generation 737 worth over $100 billion at current list prices.

The 777 is the clear leader in the 300- to 400-seat segment with 65 percent of the market, and unfilled orders in excess of 325 airplanes valued at some $80 billion at current list prices. Airlines worldwide have ordered more than 960 777s.

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