Friday, June 22, 2007

Mr Ache on .5 Day

Been a weird, fairly busy week full of bizarre (but interesting) twists and turns.

Soccer last night was a jol. Body is really sore after all the running etc. It's a more fun way to get fit than say, running on a treadmill, or jogging out the same route everyday.

Johnnic are phoning me at 14H30 to do a telephone interview, and since I'm doing a half day only today, will probably take the call in the comfort of my own home ;-)

Not sure what is going with the Medical Writer assessment. I apparently typed the fastest and most accurate (not that that means anything), and I think the quality of the other aspects was good. I'm good friends with the assessor, so I think there's concern that giving me the position will look like some kind of bevooroordeling (nepotism). So now the suggestion is that all of us go for individual interviews. Interesting.

The All Blacks game is tomorrow, should be a cracker.
Dad's birthday on Sunday...will probably get him a Jeep shirt.

Tonight I have a squash game with J, and probably stay home for a just before the end of the month salty crack snack. Or might go out and watch Fantastic Four. Am enjoying these other sports enough to seriously consider chucking cycling for good. Someone emailed me and said Roadies are a vindictive bunch. Not sure if I particularly like the cyclists I've encountered on the Hub. There are one or two people I'd have coffee with, but they tend to be cyclists that are also duathletes... Pure cyclists are fussy wooses.

I think cycling attracts a perfectionistic streak, and so they also tend to think their world is the universe entire. Not quite. Having cycled a lot I've realised to what extent it dominates the rest of your life. Like Lance I think you occasionally need a new lease (on life I mean). And recently I've had a photo exhibition, and just yesterday sent The Holiday off to Human & Rousseau Publishers. The triathlon thing still interests me though.

My Tri-Nations story has moved up a slot making it the second most popular story this week on Ohmynews. Today I've got a front page story on SA Cycling being 'Too White' on reporter.

2 hours to the Big Weekend.

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