Monday, June 25, 2007

Mastery and Misery

Did you know we've just gone halfway through the year? We're now into the 26th week.

After my game with J on Friday (4-2), we saw that the blue rubber ball had split slightly along the seam. Thus it was no accident I was hitting some serves with maximum force and then being frustrated that they weren't shooting back as far as they had with Frik. The upshot of all this exertion has been incredible backache over the last 3 nights. It's been sufficiently painful for me to want to reconsider playing the game.

I also have to say that when we stepped off the court two young guys stepped on and we were both blown away by their precision and flow. An effortless symmetrical dance. My hoots of victory seemed silly in comparison to their utterly humble mastery of the game.

Meanwhile the rugby of Saturday was hard to swallow, and I sat out on Dad's birthday thanks to the back drama.

Candice and Dad are gleaving for the Med tomorrow. I went to the Mall this morning to buy him a Springbok jersey, going to give it to him over lunch (at the nearby Spur). Oh and I hear Anne is in town...

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