Friday, June 15, 2007

Male Bonding

Is male bonding the opposite of gay bashing? Played some soccer last night at the UFS grounds. Had a ball. We are all at varying degrees of unfit; I think squash has ameliorated my lack of fitness a lot, also helps with sudden changes in direction. Scored a few goals actually, which felt really good, like shaking my tiny fist at the sky.

After about an hour another team pitched up, in full kit, obvious a unit that's been doing their thing for a while. In contrast we were all in various modes of dress, some wearing gloves, me wearing a red buff on my head, and we held them to a loss of just 2-0 (it was our first time practisiong let alone playing as a team). So that was fun. Some oke stepped on my shoe and tore out the shoelace and the anchor. Not lekker.

Was nice to come home to a home cooked meal.

Slept terribly though. Felt an incredible ache, I think in my left kidney, which spread to my back. Think it might be from dehydration, just drinking too little water. All I drank last night was one glass of red wine.

Looking forward to the rugby this weekend, squash tonight and an assessment I am doing for a position as Medical Writer (in 13 minutes).

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