Tuesday, June 12, 2007

LiveSTRONG, like Lance

Understanding his winning psychology

Daniel Coyle describes Lance Armstrong’s Psychology, which is based on fairly simple, but highly effective software, on these paradigms:

1. Binary evaluations: everything is either good or bad, there are no grey areas.
2. Attack, push, inflict yourself on the world.
3. Free yourself; block out the negative.

To understand how powerful Armstrong’s persona is in the world of cycling - it’s moved into popular mythology since - it is important to have a basic understanding of the lifestyle, and the realities, of the professional cyclist.

During the 2002 NASCAR season, there were five injuries all year. Professional cyclists (and there are approximately 400) suffer about five serious injuries a week. These injuries include having the flesh torn off your eye, punctured lungs, broken vertebrae, concussions and that staple of cycling injuries - the broken collar bone.

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