Tuesday, June 19, 2007

J-Day & The Memory Channel

J beat me 2 - 0 in squash yesterday. Ja she whipped my butt, but it has to be said, I made a storming comeback, winning the next three games, so total score: 3 - 2.

I think the lower backache is caused by squash (all that bending down to pick up the ball).

Saw Hannes in the gym. He was like: "Hey Sunblock, howz it going?" Quite funny. Says he sold CJ a scarbon Silverback, which he used in the Argus (for R17 000).

Am playing Frik tonight, so I will probably wake up tomorrow paralyzed from the waist up.

My assessment on friday went well (for Medical Writer). I managed to do a typing test in 43.5 word per minute. May sound slow, but it included pthe insertion of a few superscript characters. I also made 2 errors in the 218 words, one was a small letter instead of a capital, and the other was the failure to insert a space.

After squash yesterday J and I met a woman who worked with my grandmother and used to play with my cousins. It's sort've crazy meeting someone who knew my mom's side of the family so well so soon after my being exposed to so much family album footage after the past few days.

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