Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Global Warming Good News For Bloem?

It's snowing in Bloem, or should I say, it's snowing again. Last year it did too. For the locals it's a big deal. We tend to use snow in proverbs to describe things that never happen. In fact today I called someone and said, "You know why it's snowing, because I'm calling you."

The thing is, I have lived in Bloemfontein for about 30 years and in that time it has snowed a handful of times. Now it is snowing every year. The current rainfall for this month is more than twice the average for June (measured over 30 years). In Summer we were getting a fraction, less than 10% of rain in some months, and then a month's rain in a single day.

I think what that says is that our summers are going to be drier, when it does rain it will be through very unstable storms, and our winters will be wetter, and snowier. I'm not sure if it is good news for Bloem, but it might be.

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