Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Cho Seung-hui used Facebook, so I think reading about it on the news made me wonder what it was all about. It's fairly mainstream among US students.

I registered some time ago but didn't really get it. Now I do. Facebook is really like a coffee lounge. You and your friends get to meet each other and listen in on the latest stuff. See, you post short messages and your friends can see what's happening in your life. It's like blogging made easier; I suppose it's for people who don't have the time, or initiative to blog every day. You can get away with just a short message every now and then.

Like MXIT I believe it is one of those technologies that are here to stay.

I currently have 14 friends on Facebook, and if you're reading (not stalking) my Blog, why not join too.

Just go to

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