Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Well the double bed proved comfy, and it was nice to have company (just a purring kitty cat), but at around 6am I woke up again with the dreaded lurgy - backache. It got me out of bed and at work by 7am, thanks buddy. I have an idea it might be posture, and lack of exercise. It may have been induced by exercise, in a way, but caused by a lack of exercise (to begin with, if that makes sense).

So will be going to gym on this frigid day.

Quite shocking to see some of the statistics going on around the world. My father and sister are arriving at Heathrow right now, and are probably going to be surprised that it's only 18 C max today in England, plus worst ever floods all over. So I think it's travellers who experience firsthand the global mechanism that is starting to shift.

I also have to say that one day when we sit with the gebakte pere - basically when the melon has hit the fan and fruit gloop is dripping down our faces and off the walls, we're going to be staring at each other saying, what happened?
What happened was we were given ample warnings, but didn't change because we thought we didn't HAVE to. One of those traditional, invisible things in life that demonstrate integrity are those things you do that only you know about. This was one of those things. Caring about the world enough to change private habits, habits that hurt and pollute the environment. But we were too greedy to stop.

It may still sound cheezy and mushy, but when it is a very different world, the perspective will be quite different. I can't help feeling though that as a species we deserve what is coming to us. The internet etc serves as a weak metaphor for connectivity, but we can quickly achieve that by simply being Conscious. You don't need the internet for that - it's a connection to oneself and all other things. It happens by deciding to get in touch with Being, and having a sense what it is like to Be something or someone other than oneself.

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