Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Backache Back

It's day...let's see...4 of this consistent backache. Good news is I'm sleeping in a different bed tonight, and a double bed, so through the method of elimination I can at least establish if I have made the bed I'm lying in, so to speak ;-)

I got a message on Facebook from a Melissa van der Leek. She's a 20 year old from South Africa, living in Canada. She says she has family in SA. Reminds me a bit of Candice, quite attractive.

I've read recently that the Dutch are the world's tallest nation. It's bizarre that in SA the Dutch have such a bad rap. I think in reality, being called a 'Dutchman' is a compliment, just based on the Dutch's progressiveness. Isn't the world's biggest company also Dutch (Royal Dutch Shell).

One thing that I need to resuscitate is that Dutch capacity for entrepreneurship. Think of the Dutch East India Company, the CD player and Philipps. From such a tiny nation, these are huge giants that emerged in the world. The painters and artists too. Wouldn't mind visiting Holland over Christmas, then go skiing in a neighboring country.

Lunch with dad was good. We both ordered Eisbein. Really bugged me that the waiter pitches up just as he starts opening up his present. It's like, really guy, is it that important to stand here hovering to get the cooldrink order right now?
He's joining Candice at OR Tambo this afternoon then flying to Heathrow.

I think I'm going to give soccer a skip. It's cold outside, maximum 11, and I am sitting here with stabbing pain in my back. It's a catch 22 I think. I think I need to swim or do gym exercises to strenthen my back, but first want the pain to go away. I wonder if cycling was good for my back in the first place? Sitting at a desk all day certainly can't be good for it.

Yesterday afternoon I sent off The Holiday to someone I know through a friend of a friend at Blake Friedman (UK). Fingers crossed.

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