Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Only managed 9 pullups last night. My excuse for not doing 10 is that I'd had dinner 15 minutes earlier, except I am not sure I buy that. It was some macaroni and Horlicks, and I'm not sure that additional weight gain was that significant.

What is significant is 86-87kg seems to be the maximum weight I can pull up 10 times in a row. Even a whisker above that and it's beyond my power.

I did get an sms from Craig inviting me on a 8km run at 5:30 am. I probably should have turned in at 11pm when I had the chance. As it was, I got the entire Smallville series (Season 6) on DVD last night, and while I typed the 'Recycle' thing (see below) on a minimised screen, I watched an episode on a minimised VLC Player. Then, being midnight, as if it wasn't late enough,and if I wasn't TIRED enough, I watched another episode. So I got to sleep at 1am.

I'm fairly psyched to train, just not keen to start a whole new surge during a cold snap, and right now feels like it's the coldest it's going to be this year. It's gone below freezing a few mornings this week.

Am talking to Francois and Jen about doing a Blogging Workshop soon, hopefully within 2 weeks, but somehow I think that's too much - to soon - to hope for.

Also doing an assessment on Friday for a Medical Writer position. Hope I get that, as it's more in line with what I am doing generally when I am not at work, and where my headspace is.

In terms of The Holiday, I am drawing a lot of inspiration not only from The Road, and McKee's book on screenwriting (Story), but also from the general state of world events. It's great to write a story filled with metaphors, but about the very real story of the world walking into a future of depleted resources, further strained by climate fluctuations. For the first time (and this is scary), I feel like I am writing a story with a lot to say, and a wealth of metaphors to employ, and their employment isn't just for candy, it is to convey an important message, and one that I hope will touch, convince and compel people to change if not their lives, then at least their attitudes to Conventional Living.

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