Friday, May 25, 2007

Week In Review

From here, it's deep into June and winter, with oil is at $71.40 today. Greenspan said China's market is a bubble and all stock exchanges (worldwide) have contracted by about 1%.

It's been an interesting week. Last night's squash game has probably been the highlight, which goes to show, I really needed to get out and get the Michilin Man moving and sweating.

Also went to MEEL and had a R900 4 course meal with Fransa, Werner and Annalize. The food and company was good, the shock of getting a bill that amoubnted to more than R200 per person wasn't so nice. As I walked out the door, I said silently to myself:
I am never coming here again. Ever.
The thing is we asked for menus (to see prices) and were verbally explained what the menu was, hence the aftershock.

So that's why I didn't go to gym on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday I was good to go, but it was freezing. Probably should have though.

Saw Ben at the gym last night, and he invited me cycling on Saturday. I said I'd go but I actually want to leave my bike alone for a good long while. So I might call and cancel, and try to arrange a squash game instead, even if it's for another day. I think it will be quite healthy (for me)to try other stuff. I wanted to do well in cycling this year, but you end up just doing the same stuff with the same people all the time. And I'm not sure whether it is personally so great to come 3rd instead of 5th against the local Bloem cyclists (age group wise). Overall victory seems a more ambitious - and worth - goal. And that means going back to the drawing board.

I've actually been enjoying my runs, and discussing some business ideas with my father. I think I need to spend more times looking at some new directions, and looking at the alternatives. One thing we explored is going into low cost housing development. There is steady demand, and insufficient supply.

Will probably see Alex this weekend, sell some of my pics (to Tico, Dad and Alex), and then I'm also sending off a consignment to Joan through Madelein (hopefully via Shannon and Brit - quite a logitistical process). There's also a rugby game between the Boks and England this weekend, and SA Cycling champs happening next weekend - will take some photos for both, the Champs from Albrecht, should be quite an amazing spot to watch the guys and dolls.

Oh and today is payday, which always helps.

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