Monday, May 14, 2007


A body at rest remains at rest - Lance Armstrong

I did 160 situps on Saturday, and 10 pullups, and am still hurting a lot from that.

Good news is I now have another set of goggle straps to replace the others (they perished after sitting in a hot car one day too many).

This weekend I once again revived my writer/director aspirations. In part it came from watching Oliver Stone's WORLD TRADE CENTRE. But having not trained, I think I have been stewing in juices, amongst others, creative juices.

I've decided to ship all the prints that didn't sell in the exhibition to Veldrif. My aunt has a gallery there, and so I'll start by sending the prints of Boulders, and Smitswinkel. I won't send them all at once, probably in sets of 10. One of my colleagues is going to Cape Town in 2 weeks, so I'll be able to get them there without too much fuss. The rest I'll send once the first instalment sell (if they do).

I know my plan once upon a long ago was to enter the film industry on the jacketstrings of a published book. A few manuscripts later, and nothing much has been published (other than magazine and web-based stuff). I guess I have made progress, but I probably need to push it again.

Another step is buying a good digital video camera (better than my Sharp Viewcam), and writing my own documentaries. Local stuff, on local legends.

Meanwhile I've read up even more on the family history. My gradfather came to SA in 1936. He has an interesting letter which I'll try to copy and put here. Plus pictures of driving from Cape Town to Bloem in a Model T Ford. He was quite a go-getter. Am I? Will I be?

What am I doing in this crazy world?

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