Thursday, May 24, 2007

Silly Nana

It's sad to see how one dimensional (some) people are. If you're a man, must you always vote within that paradigm, or can you be a human and think about other people (like women)? Same goes for everything else.

If you can't consider the ideas of others, you're not a very conscious life form.

Die Volksblad had a good article that said, according to Jaco's psychology (and the Bulls):
victory + success = God blessing you.
Thus if you lose, fail, are poor, have cancer, AIDS God must be punishing you/ignoring you etc. But it's these people who need God the most, and that's where all the miracles happen.

I think a much better reflection of the depth of one's conviction would have been if the Bulls lost, and Jaco went home, got changed, put his shirt on his bed and said, to himself, "You know what. I still believe Jesus is King."

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Timothy Carter said...

Good point, well made.