Monday, May 21, 2007

Revisiting the Inner Child

Mauritius, 1978

Been an interesting weekend. Played squash (which I think was the highlight), and then the weather turned wacky.

The Bulls beat the Sharks - wasn't too happy about that. A huge crowd of people gathered at a unit near mine. I'd like to be part of that sort of thing - barbeque on the lawn with pals over a rugby game. Guess I need to be in this country and integrate with the locals more to get there. Could have watched with dad, and organised something I guess.

Went with Chantelle and Gillian - and a black dude - to watch Breach. Not the best movie, but interesting in a way. I think all of us are engaged in a way in counterintelligence. We intuit what people think about us and in some ways we allow them to, but we also have some schemes to put people off the track. It's very subtle, but is happening nevertheless.

Went to fetch a box of things my mother put aside for me on a chilly Sunday. Found a lock of my hair she'd kept, from my second ever haircut at Maison Costa. She even wrote down the name of the hairdresser. The hair itself was still very soft, and a beautiful, bright golden color. Was really touched to find such a personal part of me that my mother had set aside, without me even knowing it.

Also went through school reports. I noticed my averages remained within a certain band (70's), but the percentages for the sobjects fluctuated fairly wildly. I see my first term in matric I got my lowest average ever...57 or something. First time ever below class average. Sad that I did so well at school, and then somehow lost momentum, and got lost. Maybe not sad, just the result of a lot of things we don't like to talk or think about.

I think sensititve children are so at risk from having their talents work against them, if they are not carefully nurtured.

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