Friday, May 11, 2007

Plans for the weekend

In light of my membership at Virgin Active starting TOOODDDAAAYYYY, I think this weekend, I will have to do the following:


Buy goggle straps




That's code for: don't call anyone, don't go out, don't cycle, generally avoid people.

Meanwhile I saw something disturbing on Oprah last night. An NBC guy basically set up stings for online predators. What they did was they posed as young boys on internet forums and then set up dates with 'older men.'

He got one guy to show up at a 'boys' house, and walk into the garage stark naked, carrying a six pack of beers. Then the presenter, with camera rolling (including in the ceiling) recorded the interaction. "What are you doing?" Blind!
The very same man went to a restaurant the very next day, also to hook up with a young boy. "I just came here to get something to eat!" he whined.
Then he said, "Well, this is why I'm seeing a shrink, okay." I think he was a highschool teacher.

They also snagged a Rabbi. These guys will get 5-30 years in jail.


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