Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Clockwork Orange

A mother's love...

Golden thread from a little boy's head.

That's me in the middle, behind David Maartens (the captain with the cup). I started playing soccer as an under 9, in the D team, and by the end of the season I was in the under 9 A team. I played for the Free State as an under 11, and quit to swim full time as an under 13. I won the boys under 12 swimming race, but sacrificing soccer to do so was a tough choice to live with.

Casey and Nicky - but for some reason, a lot of people got us mixed up. I always thought of Casey as a dark-haired person.

I remember, for us kids, the food crisis in Mauritius. We ended up eating a lot of bread and drinking liquifruit, since at that stage seafood resembled the leading characters from: A Bug's Life (the undersea version). To a 6 year old, prawns, mussels and oysters are indistinguishable from spiders, fish guts and snot.
I feel for my dad who paid for the trip, and the passenger who sat on the 8 hour flight (I had nightmares on the plane and kept kicking the seat in front of me).
Maselspoort - 1977. We're all wearing Tongaat Beach shirts. Got stung three times by a wasp, down the front of my shirt, that day.

Dad and Mom on their wedding day.

Gabriel de Jongh, my grandmother's brother, and Tinus' son, pulling off the boompie-bergie-huisie-thing yet again.
Tinus, my great grandfather on my father's mother's side, and his wife.

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