Friday, May 18, 2007


Felt sleepy, tired and cold and just wanted to cuddle last night, but since my car was parked outside, I decided to turn 'driving it into the garage' into a slightly more elaborate trip.

Went to buy some food, took out a DVD (the Queen), and ina what the hell moment (at 8:45pm) went to gym. I started off with situps and decided to aim for 180. I ended up with 200. No situps this time though.

The Queen was interesting, because I was in England in 1997, and one of the souls wandering around Kensington Palace after Diana died. I've never seen such as outpouring of grief in such a dignified manner.

Going to play squash tomorrow, and watch a kids play, the Grinch. Probably swim also over the weekend.

Above image courtesy Erna Nel

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