Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Worm Catching

Noticed on BBC news that they intoruced a headline topic by soundtracking it. SABC is to stuck in the Jurassic Era it would never think of being that creative. Today news is entertaining, as scary as that sounds.

Meanwhile, on BBC Hardtalk I listened to Stephen Sackur talking to Senator Jeff Bingaman, the incoming chair of the Senate Energy committee. He has promised tough new legislation to help tackle climate change. He says that the US is paralyzed under the current Adminstration, to the extent it cannot even walk forward. Meanwhile, current events require us to meet the future at a gallop. We're likely to see a frozen stance in the face of an avalanche for another two years. Will we be buried by Energy Crisis by then?

Meanwhile I got up for a drag cycle this morning. Cycled up the long drag and kicked my heart rate up to 167 (with the help of a too-fast-to-catch truck.) Legs were still tired from yesterday.

Feeling thinner and lighter. Excellent rides early in the week, which will mean I'll be strong and rested and fresh for the 80km race on Saturday. The race also includes the long drag section I've been working on.
Meanwhile I have my eye on the top two frames...

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