Sunday, February 18, 2007

(Here's) what's wrong with the world

Realised with a pang that I am skint this month because a confluence of events determined that this month I would pay double doses of rent and insurance. But ah, pay day - that blessed day - is here by next weekend.

Dad's kidney stones passed without gathering too much moss - apparently they are jagged and rip their way through the fallopian (like) tubes on their way out. Owww.

Had a long call with Alex today. Says he got the Zipps after all and averaged over 40km/h in the race.
Darth Vader Voice: IMPRESSIVE.

Meanwhile, since I am at the office enjoying the aircon during the heat of the day (mid 30's), I emailed about 30 people that have been out the loop since my entry into South Africa's derelict internet shipwreck.

And I posted a comment (to pass the time I guess) on a particularly useless blog that I love to hate. That's what's wrong with the world. We spend our time as though time was money, which in fact, is the case. And we still waste it.

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