Monday, February 26, 2007

Heat Waive

Waiver: No insurance will be paid for fire damage as a result of heat.

Probably something we'll see more of in the future.

Dang, it is incredibly hot outside.

Delivered 11 Issues of Wheeler's World, a club newsletter I am editing and compiling. It's kind of fun, except for the hassle of people who can't do simple things like open a document.

Everyone seems to be irritable today. My legs are still really sore from the weekend.

Alex and I have been talking about pursuing world champs (in triathlon, 35-39 age group). Seems we just have to come in close to 2:15. Since my best is 2:00...anything is possible. Will probably start working towards that from June-ish (after SA Cycling champs) onwards.

Will probably watch Oscar's tonight at 108. And order pizza. And then pedal like hell tomorrow to shake it off. Going to go for training time of around 8-9 hours this week.

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