Saturday, February 17, 2007

Happy Day

It's Friday...started it off with an easy cycle to the Sunnyhill bridge. Very warm again this morning.

Also heard that dad is (was) in the hospital with kidney stones. He has just called to say he is being discharged and that it was very painful.

Marge also informed me that Andrew has a kid, who he has basically shut out of his life. On a whim I sms-ed Andrew: 'How is Matthew'. He sms'ed back:

'Are you threatening me with my kid cause if you are I will kill you.'

The backdrop to this is that I gave Andrew Aresti (my landlord) notice since he reneged on his promise to set up a carport (should have been up first week in January, then first week in February,), and now he wants me to pay half the costs. He also hasn't fixed the chipped basin or installed the burglar bars over the biggest window as he said he would.

Later in the day I got a second death threat from him.

Not the nicest way to spend the day. And otherwise it has been an incredibly boring day since all I had to work on was the DMP. At least I got that done and the cycle. Am feeling quite tired. Eating junk hasn't today helped. Think I am holding off some kind of infection.

Tomorrow is a 100km cycle race.

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